Fask Security Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Mariwasa Minda Protection Sdn Bhd), was incoperated in July 1995 and licensed by Kementerian Dalam Negeri [KKDN.S.205/642/1-1713 Jld 8(5)] to provide Security Services and other related businesses.

Presently, Fask Security Sdn Bhd main business is Unarmed Static Guarding (UAG). Our security personnel are trained to manage threats that endanger the safety of your assets, as well as lives of your family, employees and customers alike.

Apart from the Unarmed Guarding Services, we act as agent for Bank Negara Malaysia on coin processing and distribution. Our services includes the provision for collection and management of coins to the public.

Fask Security Sdn Bhd main office is located at Dataran GLOMAC Kelana Jaya. We are also well reprensented across the country with presently eight branches nationwide.

We undertake to ensure that our services are at the best level with optimum advantages to our customers. We customize our services according to your specific needs and requirements. With the right personnel, tools and equipments, we are ready to serve you.

We ensure competent services with disciplined and confident staff in providing secure environments for your peace of mind.